Material Safety Data Sheets

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that contains information on the potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity and environmental) and how to work safely with the chemical product. It is an essential starting point for the development of a complete health and safety program.

Below is a list of the MSDS for a range of our products. Please download any that you may require, and check back often as we update and add to our range.



# File Description File size
1 pdf Beer Line Cleaner - Collins SDS Beer Line Cleaner for removal of scale from beer lines and pipes
508 KB
2 pdf Beer Line Cleaner - Sampson SDS4688 Beer Line Cleaner
295 KB
3 pdf Biodet Lime Zest - Collins SDS Biodet Lime Zest organic cleaner for washrooms and toilet areas
356 KB
4 pdf Blockettes - Collins SDS Blockettes air freshener, toilet freshener, deodoriser blocks
530 KB
5 pdf Breeze Air - Hygiene Innovations SDS Breeze Air Deodoriser
229 KB
6 pdf Butcher Foam - Collins SDS Butcher Foam alkaline chlorine cleaner to remove grease, oil, mould, mildew and algae from hard surfaces
509 KB
7 pdf Butchers Foam - Sampson SDS4780 Butchers Foam - foaming chlorinated cleaner
409 KB
8 pdf Candice Air Freshener - Collins SDS Candice concentrated space deodoriser and air freshener
505 KB
9 pdf Citroscrub - Collins SDS Citroscrub hand cleaner
368 KB
10 pdf Crackshot High pH - Sampson SDS4835 Crackshot High pH hard surface multipurpose cleaner
219 KB
11 pdf Extra - Collins SDS Extra detergent
398 KB
12 pdf Ezy Grill Clean - Collins SDS Ezy grill Clean caustic based oven and grill cleaner
544 KB
13 pdf Fleetmaster Gold - Collins SDS Fleetmaster Gold heavy duty vehicle and equipment cleaner
415 KB
14 pdf Foaminator - Sampson SDS4957 Foaminator Liquid Hand Cleaner
125 KB
15 pdf Forest Fern Disinfectant - Collins SDS Forest Fern Disinfectant for all hard surface disinfecting and cleaning
358 KB
16 pdf Fresh Pine Gel - Collins SDS Fresh Pine Gel commercial strength cleanser
399 KB
17 pdf Gensolve HD - Collins SDS Gensolve caustic boosted solvent boosted industrial cleaner
518 KB
18 pdf Gleam Auto Dishwashing Detergent - Sampson SDS4652 C-Dish - Chlorinated dishwashing machine detergent
297 KB
19 pdf Instant Sanitising Gel - Minehan Agencies SDS Instant Sanitising Gel hand sanitiser
343 KB
20 pdf Lemongrass Disco - Sampson SDS4908 Focus Lemongrass - 3 in 1 disinfectant, deodorant, and cleaner
188 KB
21 pdf Lemongrass Disinfectant - Collins SDS Lemongrass Disinfectant for all hard-surface disinfecting and cleaning
358 KB
22 pdf MA Truck Wash - Collins SDS MA Truck Wash cleaner
359 KB
23 pdf Majestic - Collins SDS Majestic powerful organic total washroom cleaner and mould inhibitor
357 KB
24 pdf Methylated Spirits - Collins SDS Methylated Spirits solvent, fuel, cleaning solvent
504 KB
25 pdf Mould Inhibitor - Collins SDS Mould Inhibitor powerful liquid quaternary ammonium product with sanitising and fungicidal properties
391 KB
26 pdf Nappy Soak - Collins SDS Nappy Soak cleans, brightens, softens, sanitises and deodorises white nappies and all white cotton fabrics
314 KB
27 pdf Neutral Citrus Kleener - Collins SDS Neutral Citrus Kleener liquid concentrate neutral pH floor cleaner
428 KB
28 pdf Odour Plus - Collins SDS Odour Plus concentrated blend of living aerobic and anerobic bacteria for sanitary waste
336 KB
29 pdf Odour Stop - Collins SDS Odour Stop multi-purpose germicidal detergent
394 KB
30 pdf Odourstop - Sampson SDS4984 Odourstop - 3 in 1 disinfectant, deodorant and cleaner
185 KB
31 pdf Optimax Top Coat - Collins SDS Optimax Top Coat high solids floor polish
384 KB
32 pdf Oven & Grill - Collins SDS Oven & Grill caustic based oven and grill cleaner
420 KB
33 pdf Oven and Grill - Sampson SDS4800 Oven and Grill - High alkaline cleaner for ovens, grills and baking surfaces
296 KB
34 pdf Pacific Laundry Powder - Collins SDS Pacific Laundry Powder
404 KB
35 pdf Pacific Powder - Sampson SDS4538 Pacific Powder Fresha Laundry powder
213 KB
36 pdf Pearlee Hand Cleaner - Sampson SDS4664 Pearlee Scented Breeze - Liquid hand soap
194 KB
37 pdf Peppermint Lotion White - Collins SDS Peppermint Lotion soap pearlised lotion hand and body wash for general purpose use
390 KB
38 pdf Phos Rinse - Collins SDS Phos Rinse acid based cleaner
543 KB
39 pdf Potassium Hydroxide Flakes - Collins SDS Potassium Hydroxide Flakes soap making ingredient, paint remover, liquid fertiliser and herbicide
504 KB
40 pdf Powderfresh Disco - Sampson SDS4917 Focus Rose - 3 in 1 disinfectant, deodorant and cleaner
188 KB
41 pdf Rinse Aid - Collins SDS Rinse Aid concentrated dish washing machine rinse additive
297 KB
42 pdf Sandiet Hand Soap - Collins SDS Sandiet Hand Soap pearlised institutional liquid hand soap
388 KB
43 pdf Sanetize - Sampson SDS4686 San-e-tize - Sanitiser for food preparation areas
348 KB
44 pdf Springdrops - Collins SDS Springdrops biodegradable detergent
394 KB
45 pdf Springfresh Disinfectant - Collins SDS Springfresh Disinfectant for hard surface disinfecting and cleaning
358 KB
46 pdf Supawash - Collins SDS Superwash biodegradable liquid laundry detergent
305 KB
47 pdf Super Clean - Collins SDS Super Clean water based solvent for walls, floors, machinery, vinyl and carpets.
390 KB
48 pdf Super Red - Collins SDS Super Red degreaser
389 KB
49 pdf Take Off - Collins SDS Take Off alkaline floor stripper
546 KB
50 pdf Total - Collins SDS Total acid bathroom cleaner
377 KB
51 pdf Total Toilet Cleaner - Sampson SDS4646 Bowled Out - Acid based toilet cleaner
271 KB
52 pdf Twinkle - Collins SDS Twinkle chlorinated detergent
358 KB
53 pdf Ultimate 2.0 Eco Mat - Hygiene Innovations SDS Ultimate 2.0 Eco Mat Deodoriser
273 KB
54 pdf Ultra Big Blue Bowl Cleaner - Fresh Products SDS Ultra Big Blue Bowl Cleaner Deodoriser
603 KB
55 pdf Valencia - Collins SDS Valencia multipurpose degreaser
391 KB
56 pdf Vinyl Restorer - Collins SDS Vinyl Restorer for tyres, bumpers, dashboards, vinyl and trim
280 KB
57 pdf Wash Bright Liquid - Collins SDS Wash Bright Liquid Chlorinated dish washing detergent
538 KB
58 pdf Winner Window Cleaner - Collins SDS Winner Window Cleaner
357 KB
59 pdf ZC2 - Collins SDS ZC2 Concentrated Degreaser
545 KB
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